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    The Opel Monza Concept is beginning the next generation of mobility and stands for Opel’s fundamental values: German engineering and precision, combined with enthralling design and innovations suitable for everyday use.

Opel Monza

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Opel Monza Concept

To visibly express Opel’s quest for increased efficiency, the Monza Concept study presents an evolution of Opel’s design philosophy of sculptural artistry and German precision.


This design emphasis is immediately apparent in the vehicle’s frontal styling. A low stance with flowing lines, the clearly defined hood and a striking headlamp treatment all combine to give the car an extra dose of assertive self-confidence. Further developed signature Opel themes are embedded in the overall look: the typical crease on the hood appears more three-dimensional and thus more prominent, while the chrome grille bar carrying the Opel logo now sweeps up with winglets at its tips. Two characteristic blades under the headlamps add to the sporty appeal.

Monza Concept: This Is Opel Tomorrow

A light, athletic look outside, unique projection technology inside combined with custom connectivity and modular design that enables sustainable propulsion systems par excellence – the Opel Monza Concept is stylish, ultra-modern efficiency on four wheels.