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Opel Monza Concept: Infotainment and Connectivity for Tomorrow

Nov 11, 2013

  • Trailblazer: Monza Concept creates unique instrument and infotainment experience
  • Revolutionary: LED projectors form continuous multi-function display
  • Connection: Comprehensive connectivity with internet community possible
Opel News - Ultra-modern LED projection technology: Once behind the wheel, the Opel Monza Concept whisks you away into a completely new and unique world of instruments and infotainment with a wide, sculpted multi-function panel that sweeps from door to door

Rüsselsheim.  Efficiency and connectivity are two main focal points that will define development of the next generation of automobiles. The celebrated Opel Monza Concept, which premiered at this year’s Frankfurt International Motor Show, is a visionary and pioneer in both areas, offering a fascinating preview of the future of vehicle development. With its captivating exterior styling and innovative modular powertrain system design, the Monza Concept embodies stylish and ultra-modern efficiency on four wheels, taking this even further in the interior. There Opel’s youngest concept car impresses with unique projection technology and versatile connectivity possibilities that seem like a quantum leap for drivers today but will soon be a normal part of everyday life.

Opel News - Opel Monza Concept

“The Opel Monza Concept breaks the conventions of automobile design, particularly in the interior,” says Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann. “With trailblazing LED projection technology, we create a completely new infotainment world with a unique sense of space. This comes with connectivity possibilities between drivers and their family, friends and acquaintances, and even with the entire internet community that have been unimaginable to date.”

Information in 3D: LED projectors create a multi-media display

Opel News - A spectacular view when opening: The expansive doors provide maximum functionality and offer an unobstructed view of the spacious, open passenger cabin

Once behind the wheel, the Monza Concept whisks you away into a completely new and unique world of instruments and infotainment with its ultra-modern LED projection technology.


Drivers no longer find the conventional individual, separate monitors that display different information; instead, they face a wide, sculpted multi-function panel that sweeps from door to door, and is used as a single projection surface. Information and decorative elements are displayed on the surface, which the driver can customize according to his needs, taste or mood.

Opel News - Doors open with a mere sweep of a hand: Just place your hand over the diverse design shades of blue that make up the gradated LED design line and the expansive doors of the Opel Monza Concept open and close like condor wings

The LED projectors create a continuous, adaptable multi-functional display – a world premiere in an automobile. Already established in the events arena, Opel designers were the first to come up with the idea of implementing this technology in a passenger car. The 3D graphics are impressive, and reflect all important functions from precise vehicle and driver information to internet and communication options as well as decorative elements. So the Monza Concept offers a trendsetting multi-function design: it elicits pure emotion while offering superb functionality. Both the area displaying information and the background can be individually configured according to personal information needs and preferences; operation of the different menus and displays is via voice control and steering wheel controls.

Opel News - Opel drives into the future: A light, athletic look outside, unique projection technology inside combined with custom connectivity – the Opel Monza Concept is stylish, ultra-modern efficiency on four wheels

Efficiency and clarity are also priorities here: when it came to how the displays present information, Opel engineers focused on the best and most personal way to make relevant data available to the driver. The approach was “simplifying the multitude” and so details on the car, the navigation and the smartphone settings and connection only appear when necessary or desired. So drivers can use a wide range of information without being overwhelmed by text or images. This also makes the Monza Concept a model of future HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) systems, as its interior design is based on latest research findings in this field.

Threefold connectivity: The worlds of ME, US and ALL

Opel News - Three different worlds in 3D graphics: The Opel Monza Concept driver can delve into three worlds of connectivity – called ME, US and ALL – and can focus solely on their driving experience (above), or get in touch with friends and family or even connect to the whole internet community (below)

This also applies to the comprehensive smartphone connectivity in the Monza Concept. With three worlds of connectivity – called ME, US and ALL – drivers can focus solely on their driving experience, or get in touch with friends and family or even connect to the whole internet community.

  • With ME the infotainment system provides only the information necessary for the driver’s own individual driving experience and focuses solely on information the driver considers relevant. So for example, data or facts on the engine, driving style and road conditions that support the driver can be accessed.
  • US enables the passengers of the Monza Concept to connect with a group of selected people such as friends and family members who can log-in to the car’s infotainment system with their own communication device and exchange information, music and images, chat and make appointments, etc. The displays show the connection to family and friends.
  • ALL goes beyond US. It enables the driver to connect to virtually the whole outside world. Drivers can for example spontaneously share their planned route online over a tablet or smartphone so that people can catch a ride with them along the way – enabling a new kind of instant car-sharing. In addition, there are numerous functions such as options to compare information with other drivers, the display of alternative routes and much more.
Opel News - Opel drives into the future: the Opel Monza Concept is stylish, ultra-modern efficiency on four wheels

With this trailblazing infotainment and connectivity technology, the Monza Concept shows how far ahead Opel designers and engineers are thinking, so that the next generation of cars makes its contribution to a harmonious, connected society.


Comprehensively connecting road users enhances not just intercommunication but also safety, as dangerous traffic situations can thus be registered earlier and more accurately than before. So in terms of interior cabin experience, connectivity and safety, the revolutionary infotainment and HMI system is the heart of the Opel Monza Concept and also of future automobile development.