Take your bike for a ride.

If you like cycling you’ll love the Opel FlexFix® bike carrier. The FlexFix pulls out of the rear bumper just like a drawer, with a unique simplicity and convenience. Load your bike and drive away. And when you don’t need it, you just slide FlexFix back into place. Simple.

First things first.

The FlexFix® rack carries one cycle up to 30 kg – meaning you can comfortably transport an e-bike. If you need to carry more bikes, then simply attach the Opel FlexFix® bike carrier extension. This holds 2 bikes up to 20kg each. Now you can carry up to 3 bikes, total 70 kg maximum. An e-bike always needs to be mounted nearest the tailgate.

Easy access at all times.

All the bikes can be locked in position for security. And thanks to a clever tilt mechanism you can open the rear tailgate without removing the cycles. Simple, easy and convenient. Typical Opel.