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Opel Test Center

The Opel proving grounds – the perfect place for driving training.

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Opel has always perfected its vehicles’ safety systems – since 1996 at the Opel Test Centre. However, no technology can replace a human’s driving behaviour. Usually the driver reacts instinctively to driving conditions and hazardous situations. In order to achieve the best possible balance between safety technologies and individual driving abilities, Opel offers various driving trainings.

From beginner to professional:

The differently designed training programmes not only consider the individual abilities, but also the very unique needs.

Opel Driving Training - Test Center Dudenhofen - The perfect place for Opel Driver Training

Opel Test Center

Over 80 km test track. Over 40,000 completed test kilometers. Many of our certified innovations set global standards.

Opel DrivingTraining - Increase your personal driving skills and learn to master difficult situations confidently

Opel Driving Training

Usually the driver reacts instinctively to driving conditions and hazardous situations. At the Opel Test Centre our experienced test drivers exclusively teach every participant, how to act in a sovereign manner.

Opel - Driving Training: ECO Training for an energy-efficient driving style that doesn’t translate into longer drive times and less fun behind the wheel

Opel ECO Training

It’s more than a manual for saving energy. That’s one of the reasons we don’t just hit the brakes – it’s all for the environment.

Opel Driving Training - OPC Performance Training - Try a dynamic and sporty training program with unique driving experience

OPC Performance Training

Here you will experience a dynamic, sporty driving training with unique driving experiences. You will, for example, drive at top speeds on the 5 km long round track – on the racing line of a real racetrack. Pure adrenaline!


Opel Driving Training - OPC Compact Training for an unforgetable experience of the amazing dynamics of our high-performance Opel models

OPC Compact Training

Experience the impressive dynamics of our current Opel high-performance models for three and a half hours at our strictly guarded Opel Test Center in Rodgau.


Opel Driving Training - Opel Winter Training

Winter Training

Snow and ice are the natural enemies of every driver, because these dangerous situations need to be recognized sooner in order to react in time. Opel offers a two-day winter training, so you can withstand any hazardous conditions.

Opel Driver Training - ADAM Rookie Training

ADAM Rookie Training

If you’ve just qualified to drive and have your first car in the garage or are about to get one – Opel’s ADAM Rookie Training program is tailored to meet your needs.

Opel Driver Training - Race Training Nürburgring

Race Training Nürburgring

The objective of the Nordschleife Driver Training is to get to know the most demanding racetrack in the world, and learn to master it step by step.